New Brunswick (Canada)

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In Inverness we had very mixed weather, rain and even hail, but also a lot of sunshine. Sadly, the temperature, even in the sun, felt rather winterly because of the strong wind. On Saturday we get out to explore the town, a task that is easily completed within an hour. Sigrid finds herself a Canadian novelette in a Second-Hand store, … Read More

Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada)

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Today (Friday) is the perfect day for a blogpost! Yesterday afternoon we arrive at Inverness and after a beautiful sunset, the wind starts to pick up just to shift into a storm over night. The girls wake us up at 6am from a light sleep with :” There’s something on our roof!”. That “something” turns out to be the awning of … Read More


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After a nine hour flight we arrive at the Boston Taj-Hotel around midnight. This venerable building is located right next to the Boston Public Garden, which is where our first walk takes us. With a little bit of patience the squirrels in this beautiful park are even hand-tame and happy with the leftover raisins from Cosimas breakfast porridge. We ride the … Read More

up & away finally

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On my way home from the last day of work I actually thought to be spending the three weeks till our departure either swimming in the nearby lake or on some nice hiking trips. Which in the end turned out to be completely wrong. Not only was there hardly a day without rain but also lots and lots of tasks to … Read More