New Zealand doesn’t want us?

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Our flight to Auckland leaves Honolulu at 10:30 PM. We arrive early at the airport and a surprise awaits us. The lady at the check-in explains after some back and forth that my entry into the country is refused by the New Zealand authorities. It looks like the girls can board the plane but I have to stay in Hawaii. … Read More

The last days in paradise :-)

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Our house sits at one end of a long sandy beach, just 20 meters off the waters edge. It is a simple beach house, our neighbours are Herman and Julie, the caretakers of the house and it’s guests. The two of them are incredibly welcoming and helpful, Hermans’ passion is fishing and tries his luck at converting us to fishermen … Read More

On top of the world’s tallest mountain

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One of the reasons for leaving our house on the beach in the south of Big Island and changing to the one in the north was the shorter drive to Mauna Kea from there. Due to its remarkable attributes this mountain became one of Hawaii’s main attractions for us during the preparations of our journey. First of all it’s the … Read More

Life’s better in shorts

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It’s our last day on Big Island/Hawaii today. After spending almost three weeks here we’re moving on to another island. Three weeks in only shorts and flip flops, you accustom quickly to that. The sales slogan of Billabong says it best: Life’s better in boardshorts. When we arrive in Honolulu at 7 pm after a six hour flight from Vancouver, … Read More


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Now we’re actually on the road. I’m sitting on the Lanai (Veranda) of our rental home on Big Island/Hawaii listening to the sound of the sea close by. The starry sky above seems like straight from the pages of a storybook. Twentyfive degrees (Celsius) feelgood temperature. A cold beer beside me. Does it get any better? I’ve been dreaming of this … Read More