Merry Christmas!

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Due to rather dismal internet connections in New Zealand and a lack of time since we have arrived in Australia we are sad to say that we are running a bit behind in our blog posts. Meanwhile we’ve arrived in Hobart where we will reside for the next six months and Pia and Cosima will go to school until July. … Read More

Lake Tekapo: at the crack of doom!

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Wiedersehensfreude is one of those german words that really should have an english translation but doesn’t. It’s the joy you feel when you are reunited with someone. And it’s the best! It always is. It’s my favourite feeling in the world and it never disappoints. Seeing my family again is so joyful and fulfilling, the memory of and anticipation for … Read More

Upsy-daisy here I come!

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Looking back, the days before my departure from Hobart are a bit of a blur consisting of the following: 1. Packing for New Zealand. This required a balance between as little as possible and enough of the necessary. During our last Skype call Mama & Papa had sounded concerned about fitting everything into a camper for 24 days. I remember … Read More