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I’ve been dreaming of this journey for ages. Two years ago the dream became plan, two months ago the plan became journey.

Now we’re actually on the road. I’m sitting on the Lanai (Veranda) of our rental home on Big Island/Hawaii listening to the sound of the sea close by. The starry sky above seems like straight from the pages of a storybook. Twentyfive degrees (Celsius) feelgood temperature. A cold beer beside me. Does it get any better?

I’ve been dreaming of this journey for ages. Two years ago the dream became plan, two months ago the plan became journey.

In that dream there was always a boat, a destination developing from the one before and on and on again. And I’m ten or fifteen years older in that dream and there’s just the two of us, Sigrid and me, because our three girls have already  spread their wings.

And so I’m sitting here and it is even better than in that dream. Since we’re on the road with all the kids. Well, almost all, because we’re meeting our eldest daughter Emilia in three weeks in New Zealand but then we’ll be complete. And the whole thing is happening now and not in fifteen years. I’m so extremely happy that our journey became true. Probably the last possible opportunity before all of our kids go to Uni, work or are simply abroad.

In 2004 we spent two months in Australia, more than that wasn’t possible back then. The kids attended school and kindergarten over there for four weeks. When we arrived back home, 11 year old Emilia told us that she would return to Australia one day to stay. She arranged a year of student exchange Down Under without our assistance when she turned fifteen. After her graduationl in 2011 she “emigrated” to Australia where she has been studying medicine ever since.the whole family in Tasmania

So what could be more natural than spending a big part of our year “up & away” in and around the fifth continent. Pia and Cosima will be going to school in Hobart for a semester which will make it possible for them to continue school with their old classes when we return to Austria in September 2015 for the beginning of the new school year.

So that’s it for now. I am not going to reveal any more about our next destinations. All our experiences since our departure can be found in the former posts of our blog. If you want to be the first to read about our future adventures you can sign up for our newsletter. Or just visit our blog every now and then.

Your comments will be the spice of this journal.

PS: Your comments and questions are most welcome. Besides keeping our friends and family informed, the main reason for this blog is to become an illustrated travel journal for us to indulge in one day. Your comments will be the spice of this journal.

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